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  • Overview

    In an ever interconnected world, investment firms, corporations, and professional services firms increasingly rely on primary research to gain valuable insights for critical business decisions.


    AGI provides the breadth and depth of expertise, as well as the flexibility in process, necessary to serve even your most demanding project needs in the shortest possible time.

    Competitive Edge
    Client Focus Servicing client "wish lists" by
       • Excelling on custom recruitment
       • Providing real-time recruitment of experts
    Unique Edge Current, relevant and insightful experts
    Sourcing current industry leaders
    Unique recruitment of targeted
    Commitment to Compliance Industry-standard Terms & Conditions
    Compliance guide and tutorials for experts
    Flexibility to tailor compliance requirements on a
       client by client basis
    Cost Advantages

    No additional charge for custom recruiting experts
    Flexible pricing packages to suit clients' research

    No minimum volume of consultations

  • Expert Network

    Our network includes industry experts from leading corporations, growing businesses, universities, consultancies, think tanks, and non-profit organizations.


    We offer you a unique opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge and get paid, in return, for your valuable insights. Experts participate in telephone consultations, in person meetings, and on an as needed basis, also assist with deal sourcing, research projects, and professional surveys commissioned by clients. Experts go through our selection process and are well compensated for their time.

    As a member of the AGI network of Experts, you would benefit from the following:


    • Monetary compensation -- at a rate you set
    • Professional engagement and networking with corporate leaders, lawyers and institutional investors
    • Thought-provoking and convenient advisory work, ranging from an interview by phone during or after hours, to a review of report findings, a day market briefing or expert witness testimony
    • Proactive searches by our staff for any project that fits your experience with a one-on-one discussion before projects are mutually selected

    There is absolutely no cost to you. Most of our experts hold full-time positions in addition to the short-term consultations we arrange. Our clients are bound by strict nondisclosure agreements, and consultations are neither recorded nor published without your consent. You are neither asked, nor permitted to discuss your own employer. All projects are at the experts’ discretion.

  • Our Clients

    We work with some of the top consulting firms, financial services firms, law firms, leading corporates , and academic and non-profit groups  globally.

    How can AGI help?

    AGI's experts can be leveraged to serve a variety of objectives, including market research, business assessment, and opinion validation. For example, our clients have approached us with dilemmas such as the following:

    "We are conducting commercial due diligence on a prospect and need to speak to individuals who can provide an unbiased perspective"
    "I'm researching a niche industry and can't find any published information. Can someone introduce me to people who are knowledgeable about this space?"
    "I'm in the final stages on my project and want a second opinion on my analysis and findings before presenting it to a client. Can someone help me connect with a senior industry executive who can validate my findings?"
    "We are bidding on a project and don't have in-house technical expertise on the subject. Can someone provide us with an external advisor who has hands-on experience on the subject?"
    "We're assisting a client planning to enter China. Can someone connect us with few senior- and mid-level professionals in the region?" 

    • International Expertise ?C AGI provides access to on-the-ground experts in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Most of our international work is customized for each client's unique, on-the-ground due diligence requirements.
    • High Relevance ?C For each of your requests, we draft a specification to determine that we understand exactly what you are investigating. We use the specification to screen each expert to ensure the best possible fit for your specific requirements.
    • Access to Hard-to-Find Experts ?C Our proprietary expert sourcing and qualification process guarantees the highest quality of experts in the least amount of time. Our understanding and resources in the global market allows the addition of leading global experts that no competitor can offer.
    • Flexible Pricing - We offer flexible working relationships (A La Carte/Subscription/Hybrid)
    • Confidentiality and No Conflicts of Interest ?C As a private, independent company, AGI can keep your research interests wholly confidential. We follow compliance procedures strictly and are flexible enough to include our clients' specific compliance requests as well.
    • 24/5 delivery model - Having operations teams in US, India, China, and Chile; we can provide round the clock coverage to your teams

    • In a nutshell, we help our clients make sound business decisions.
Case Studies